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Reduce the risk of rehospitalization.

Hospitals discharge individuals before they can fully care for themselves.

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“I appreciate the friendly, supportive staff who provided attentive care during my stay at Maple Farm. My therapy went well and I’m thankful to feel normal as I return home.”
– Betty Burkett, Maple Farm Guest, October 2023

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Take control of your healing

  1. Talk about short-term care with your hospital caseworker.
  2. Your caseworker will send out a referral.
  3. We’ll reach out to you and your family that you’ve been accepted and we’ll answer your questions.
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Short-Term Rehab

Maple Farm offers a unique environment for individuals who require nursing care during their transition to home after hospitalization.

Short-Term Rehab at Maple Farm

Long Term Care

With only 23 residents in each of the two households, Maple Farm offers a true community based on relationships. Living here feels like being among family.

Long Term Care at Maple Farm


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