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Skilled Nursing Households

Live with opportunities

It’s been discovered that our ability to make our own choices significantly contributes to our sense of purpose, healing and well-being.

In the households you choose when you get up and when you go to bed, what to eat and when you eat it. Beyond that, for those who are able, you’ll find life enriching opportunities.

From the open country kitchen, where you can grab a sandwich or fruit plate any time you’d like, to the cozy great room where folks gather, to “community circles” that bring residents and staff together to plan activities, we have created a relaxed atmosphere that sets Maple Farm apart from traditional nursing centers. Shared conversations over coffee, board games and other daily activities, as well as parties and special household events, forge strong friendships. Nurses, therapists, homemakers and other team members care about residents and their family members because they take the time to get to know them and what makes each person special.

Homemaker serving meal

Serene Living

At Maple Farm, you’ll find beautifully landscaped grounds, a unique family-style floorplan, all-new utilities and more. Every detail reflects our commitment to quality. All rooms are private, with private or shared baths. Adjacent to our two households, Franzen and Brossman, Main Street provides easy access to a beauty shop, the therapy gym and other support services to help you maintain your health and independence.

Maple Farm Exterior Spring
Household entrance

Your choices are respected

Team members at Maple Farm put the person first. That means you always have choices, and we will respect them. For example, you are welcome to bring your favorite furniture and decorate any way you’d like. After all, it’s your home. That recognition drives everything we do.

You can enjoy three nutritious meals a day, served in the dining room or in your room—whichever you prefer. Watch television or play games in the great room or go on a field trip. At Maple Farm, you can enjoy your privacy or engage with friends and family as you wish.